We believe being a part of a church community isn’t just for Sundays!

As a church, we gather in smaller groups during the week called Homegroups. These groups are often the best space to get to know a smaller group of individuals, couples or families well, to enrich our own personal faith and maturity in Christ and are our first point of pastoral care at MEC.

Homegroups provide the opportunity for us to grow in our knowledge and love of Christ through reading the Bible together, group prayer, and through serving and being served by one another.

We have a range of groups meeting in homes all over the Maitland area – We have a range of groups to suit people at different stages of life. Women’s, men’s and mixed. Day or night. Some incorporate kids and others don’t. All are lead by mature Christians within MEC. Groups change over time as personal schedules change, leadership goes through transitions and groups grow.

Join a Group

If you’re new to MEC and would like to be a part of a Homegroup, the best way is by joining us at our next Onboard arvo tea where we can give you more info and find a group that suits you and your needs.


Phil’s Story

“God made us social beings, to live in community.  Being part of a close community through Homegroups continues to nourish my social, spiritual, and mental well being. The diversity and breadth of Christian maturity, stages in life, current trials and godly wisdom within Homegroup brings a richness of learning and encouragement to me, as well as giving me the opportunity to support others, as we all share our lives together”

Homegroup Leaders

Are you a Homegroup Leader? Head over to our Homegroup Leaders page to access helpful resources and find out how you can support your group