MEC Care

Care in Grow Groups

Our Grow Groups are the primary source of pastoral care at MEC. They provide small caring communities centred around God’s word and prayer. Here people can develop deeper relationships and live out the many one another ministires of the New Testament. 

If you are not in a Grow Group, we encourage you to sign up for one.

The MEC Care team

The MEC Care team provides additional support for those experiencing acute and chronic difficulties. The team consists of church members equipped to provide spiritual and emotional support, including visiting, Bible reading, prayer, and phone calls. The emphasis is on spiritual care and is not meant to replace other professional care that might be needed.

If you or anyone you know would like a visit from a Care Team member, please complete the enquiry form below.

Join the Care Team

If you are interested in joining the MEC Care Team, please contact Steve or Marian or call the office directly on 4934 7203 (Mon-Thurs).