Life series

Exploring Jesus & the big questions of life

Is there more to life? The Life Series is a relaxed and personal way of exploring who Jesus is and the claims of the Bible. In a small and informal group setting, you’ll have the opportunity to share your point of view, ask questions, and share in discussion with others who are asking the same questions as you! Each week we end with a delicious supper together.

What to Expect

Over five relaxed sessions we lay it all on the table: why our lives feel empty, why you can trust the Bible, what the real problem is, and how Jesus changes everything.

Wk 1 – What am I here for?
Wk 2 – Is the Bible reliable?
Wk 3 – What’s the problem?
Wk 4 – What’s the solution?
Wk 5 – What’s the catch?


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Anneka’s Story