mec's compassion support project

Through Compassion, we have the privilege of helping children living in poverty in Medan, Indonesia.

If you haven’t heard of the organisation before, Compassion is an organisation with a clear goal: releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. For six decades, children supported by Compassion have been sponsored, looked after, introduced to church and taught about Jesus in an age-appropriate and culturally relevant way.


MEC is excited to learn about the life-giving work of Compassion and the difference they are making in children’s lives all around the world. MEC sponsors children living in Medan, in Indonesia. We currently sponsor two children as a church family, and many other children living in this area through the individual support of families from MEC. 

In their ministry, Norm & Janelle encounter many other needs like supporting evangelists with food and other basic needs or assisting in the planting of churches.

Care Kenya has been set up as a way of helping the Gorries meet those needs. As Norm says, “A little bit goes a long way”.

Sponsoring a Child

Our prayer is that families from MEC would prayerfully consider committing to sponsor a child from our project in Medan.

Children from our Medan Project
Rey, Okta, David, Adrian, Kristan, Kennedy, Marta, Aldi, Lisa, Frans, David, Grace, Nisa, Steven, Dinda, Raden, Boy, Berkat, Putra & Sebastian
Our Church
‘Maitland Evangelical Church’
Donations to Anglican Aid for this project are tax-deductible

Our Local & Global

Mission Partners

MEC partners with a number of different individuals and organisations to see the gospel spread outside of Maitland.