Request for Access Fob for Uniting Church facilities

A secuity system & alarm have now been installed at the MUC facilities. To access the Hall &/or the Church you will now need an Access Fob instead of a key.



    • There are alarms & cameras in the hall and the church.
    • You will use your Access Fob to turn off the alarm. This turns off the alarm in both the hall and the church.
    • You can then use your Access Fob to unlock the hall ‘Kitchen’ door (near men’s toilet).
    • To access the church you will need to collect the key from the lockbox in the hall.


    • We are asking for a payment of $20 as a Refundable Security Deposit when you request an Access Fob.
    • This will help to offset the cost of the purchase & programming of the fob.
    • It will also act as an incentive to care well for the fob.
    • Please pay your Refundable Security Deposit fee online when requesting your Access Fob.
    • If you are not able to pay the Refundable Security Deposit &/or have questions before making payment you can indicate this in the request form.
    • Once you no longer need access to MUC your Security Deposit will be refunded to you in full when you return your fob.


  • Once you complete the request form below Lea Porter will be in touch within a few days to provide you with an Access Fob and provide brief training on using the fob. You can contact Lea on 0402267270 or call the church office on 02 4934 7203.



Please complete the Access Fob request below:

If you have any questions, comments or wish to provide additional information you can do so here.
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